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Unused film reels for decor
I wanted to ask, does anyone have any unused film reels that he would throw anyway, that he would be able to send them to me to use as decor?
Of course I'd pay for the shipping expenses.

I have in mind something like this (hanging them on the wall)
[Image: 2013-symphony-show-house-003.jpg]
[Image: 54ec781fe81b1ea2bba7e4fe8ca08608--mirror...-reels.jpg]
[Image: eae8db633c1f51f8b8e9a075b2f4b0b1.jpg]
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Nice idea, indeed! Ok
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That is pretty cool. I only have 3 but they have a good home here, sorry. I'll keep an eye out at local thrift stores for you though.

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Probably the greatest thread title.
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I'll keep you in mind if I will find myself with spare ones!
AKA thxita on OriginalTrilogy
I preserve movies as they first appeared in Italy.
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Thought to bump the thread in case anyone has something, or for new members to see.
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