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Anybody here able to capture DTheater/D-VHS?
Does anyone here have the ability to capture those and is willing to do so if he gets the tape free of charge?

I don't currently have any, but there are a few movies I would consider this for in the future. For example the Mummy movies from 1999 and 2001, although they're pretty hard to get apparently.
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Aren't most of the rips out in the wild?
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Well some are on torrent sites but the full quality copies usually haven't been seeded for many years and often not even a 720p copy can be found

Other movie like Mummy don't seem to have been ripped ever - an are also hard to come by

If they are all available I'm not in the circles they're available to
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I've not heard anything said about the Mummy dvhs, is it said to be better than the hd-dvd/blu ray?
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Tom, take a look at this thread: https://fanrestore.com/thread-1264.html
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I haven't read/heard much about them tbh but I'd like to compare them since I like those movies a lot and the Blu Ray is nothing to write home about

@spoRv Thanks! I assume the ones you have are downloaded from the internet?
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(2017-11-30, 12:03 AM)TomArrow Wrote: I assume the ones you have are downloaded from the internet?

Indeed. And it was hard to find out someone who can capture them at the time (2002); today, 15 years after, would be even harder to find D-VHS players/recorders, that are still perfectly working, and someone with the right knowledge, and the will, to do that. Hard, but not impossible, I hope!
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True that I guess - I wouldn't have the money even if I had the knowledge

Do you by any chance have that The Day After Tomorrow DVHS Remux since you mentioned it in the other post?
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(2017-11-30, 12:17 AM)TomArrow Wrote: Do you by any chance have that The Day After Tomorrow DVHS Remux since you mentioned it in the other post?

Nope, I deleted it as it was not useful.
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Ah alright.
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