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multichannel audio capture card ≥ 4 line in
As it seems there is some interest in multichannel audio capture cards - useful to capture matrix decoders output, for example - I thought to start a list; features should be as following:
  • fair price - less than 500 quids
  • multichannel line input - 4 ch min, 8ch welcome
  • variable sample frequency - 44,1 & 48kHz min, 96kHz welcome
  • interface in order of preference: PCIe, PCI, USB, FireWire
  • Windows compatibility mandatory, WIN + MAC appreciated
  • RCA analog input/output are very welcome
  • S/PDIF digital input or output are highly appreciated

In production:


NOTE: only line inputs/outputs are taken in account

waiting for your inputs (pun intended!)

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last update: 2020-12-16
Thanks given by: PDB
Added Roland Edirol UA-1000
Thanks given by:
Just one note, RCA connectors can be easily adapted to fit into normal big jacks. And symmetrical jacks are better for future proofing if you want to do some more professional stuff in the future, since symmetrical audio is higher quality, but compatible with non-symmetrical inputs typically.
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(2020-12-17, 02:07 AM)TomArrow Wrote: symmetrical audio is higher quality, but compatible with non-symmetrical inputs typically.

I guess symmetrical=balanced, while non-symmetrical is unbalanced, right? Tongue
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Yup, same thing
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