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Opening sequences for Star Wars VI and I
As I contemplate the possibility of doing an Ultimate Star Wars project, I'd like to know something about how the THX premieres of The Return of the Jedi and The Phantom Menace began. Were there any trailers first (e.g. The Star Chamber, which was attached to The Return of the Jedi when it premiered), or did it start willy-nilly with a THX logo?
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According to Closing Logos, Jedi was preceded by the original 'Wings' THX logo, and the 'Broadway 2000' logo went before Phantom Menace (along with Dolby Aurora):

http://www.closinglogos.com/page/THX (first and eighth entries)

I can only find a reference to the Star Chamber trailer on Jedi (http://in70mm.com/library/blow_up/year/1983/index.htm) but I'll keep an eye out for Phantom Menace - Anna and the King seems a possibility (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_20...399)#1990s)
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I remember Phantom Menace starting with a special reel of trailers from 20th Century Fox with teasers for Anna and the King, Fight Club, The Beach, and Titan AE (the latter of which was a special shoot trailer).
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Did the Dolby and/or THX bumpers come before or after?
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I’ve never seen THX bumpers in UK cinemas to be honest.

Since Star Wars TPM was the very first Dolby Digital Surround EX title, was there something for that? I can’t remember to be honest but do remember the special Fox trailer reel as described above
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I think it was the Dolby Digital "Aurora" bumper.
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Yep, it was Aurora. I have a 35mm scan of that - I have in mind to do a UK intro reel myself at some point, though as Rob says, the THX logo would likely not have been used in many British cinemas (where THX certified screens were/are few and far between).
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When you finish with that, could you send me the original, unaltered file(s)? Thanks!
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Which files are you referring to? PM me if you like.
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