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[Idea] Star Wars Special Edition Trilogy + Shadows of the Empire
I was thinking of doing a release of the original Star Wars Special Edition Trilogy as one of my future projects. The package would consist of HD versions of the 1997 Special Editions, the N64 title Shadows of the Empire, and an emulator to play it on. It likely won't be a Zilmar-spec emulator such as Project 64, though; I noticed a few graphical errors at the very start. Anyway, I might do this project for a release as early as this Summer.
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So what's the point in using N64 version? I don't really see point in this project, honestly.
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The point is to demonstrate that accurate emulation of the original N64 version, only one of many N64 games which happen to be notoriously hard to emulate, is possible, while at the same time including it in a contemporary Star Wars Trilogy set. I believe the Original Special Editions, from 1997, are contemporary enough.
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