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Koopa Luath's test/demo releases
This thread is where I'll put my test and demo releases, beginning with the Inspector Gadget pilot, "Winter Olympics", on February 9. Test and demo releases will not use any of my logos for their home video logos, only studio logos as applicable. Releases formatted as screeners, however, will use my logos.

Contents of the initial test release, a DVD, will include the feature presentation and a trailer reel featuring largely unformatted (except to use the full frame of the 4:3 image) trailers for upcoming and future projects.
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Good luck!

About own logo: we have a discussion about this years ago; if you really want to put something that would mark your work, I would absolutely NOT apply a tv-like bug (but I'm pretty sure you was not talking about this). Instead, if you want to put an ident like studios do, I'd put it at the end, if you want it to be retained; think that the ones interested will almost surely cut it out if it's at the beginning, while probably not noting it at the end, and leave it alone.
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After this basic test release one week from now, my next test release will focus on subtitles. I'm not subtitling the initial test release, because I intend it solely as a proof-of-concept test release to show I've got the software. Each test release will center on a project that I expect to work on this year or next. The subtitle test release, date to be determined but as early as the week after, will feature a single episode of Tokyo Mew Mew and include a single English subtitle track which can be toggled on or off, as well as the same trailer reel, unsubtitled. Future test releases will be worked out as I proceed but may include regraining, deblocking, and, of course, the leap to Blu-ray, among other things. The lessons I learn, and the input I receive, I hope to put to good use on the actual releases I'll be doing beginning this Spring.
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Here it is. You have one week to grab it. Needless to say, I'll consider each test like this one a learning experience, to show me what can go wrong and how I can fix it. In any case, feedback would be most welcome, so I can take it into account for future test ISOs.
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(2018-02-09, 05:23 PM)Koopa Luath Wrote: Here it is.

May you specify which titles is it the demo about? You know, 1GB "blind download" is not for everyone! Big Grin
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I had to compress it due to space issues; as promised, it includes the pilot episode of Inspector Gadget, "Winter Olympics", and a trailer reel advertising future projects I intend to get out on unspecified dates this Spring, but as early as Equinox Day.
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I checked into the trailer reel a bit. What exactly have you done on those? I admit I don't know the trailers or anything, so I wouldn't be able to tell a difference.
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The trailers are for:

Fistful of Dollars (American trailer, panned and scanned)
Reservoir Dogs (international trailer, letterboxed, red band added at the start)
THX-1138 (original trailer, squeezed to fit the screen, GP bumper added at the end)
Danger: Diabolik (American trailer, squeezed to fit the screen)
Sailor Moon R: The Promise of the Rose (final trailer, open matte, green band and Disney logo added at the start, Japanese text translated at the end, this one was a pain in the ass to try and recreate in open matte not just because of all the ghosting but because there appeared also to be alternate and extended shots)

Afterwards, there's a promo scroll teasing possible future projects.
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Oh. So aside from the logos for the Sailor Moon trailer, all you've done is fit the trailers into the screen? Or am I getting this wrong?
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I'm not at the point where I do anything major with them, yet. But they'll look a lot better on the actual releases beginning in the Spring.
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