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HDTV recordings color blankets
Surely you have noted that often HDTV (and SDTV as well) recordings have a slight color blanket applied to them; even if the master is the same of the DVD or BD, you can see they are a bit different, color wise - and often also got different brightness and/or contrast.

I have noted that the same channel have the same blanket - for example the Russian HD1 has more green, and TV1000 has more magenta etc. - so I suspect this blanket is introduced when the broadcaster overlay its logo.

What do you think?
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Probably. I once visited a broadcasting office as a kid and they had a dedicated button for the station's logo. I was allowed to trigger it once, making the logo disappear for a few seconds. Big Grin I imagine they might have the same for any color blankets they might use.
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You need to steal that button so that we can use it on all HDTV recordings with logos.
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haha indeed Big Grin
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