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flim buff
I have numerous laserdiscs and original dvds , I would like to restore . I have been playing with software for years . I would like to ask if anybody has any suggestions for a good capture devise to transfer laserdisc to my computer. I do dvd upgrades all the time to blu ray but have stumped by poor transfer quality of laserdisc to dvd. Also where do you find the torrents or downloads?
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Hi, welcome aboard.

Regarding capturing: Look on the technical section, there are some discussions on capturing and such.

Regarding Torrents and DLs: sometimes it is some kind of luck digging in the deeps of the web. This is no link sharing community, more a discussion community. But, you may get hints on where to look at in some discussions.

There exist enough share bases, so it is not needed to have some kind of torrent tracking here.
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(2018-02-23, 03:30 PM)willie1959 Wrote: Also where do you find the torrents or downloads?

Welcome to the site. It is my suggestion that this question be put on the back burner for now due to your newbie status. This is not a torrent or download site and most people won't interact with you or entertain your query without knowing you better. Take some time to peruse the site. Put some time in. You will learn all you need to know. If downloads are your main objective you may want to find another site. We don't work that way here.

Cheers and welcome.

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Hey welcome! Big Grin
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I started a thread some time ago, but, because it's about decades old hardware, it's still valid: https://fanrestore.com/thread-83.html

I ended up using both Sweetspot and AJA Kona (in my old PC with Windows XP); if you have a newer PC without PCI-X slots, but only PCI-e, I'd go with the AJA Kona, you can get it for few bucks - dunno if the software will work with Windows 7/8/10, though!
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Technicolor movies are 80% dvd rips MKV files and some from recording from TCM ,a few downloads. TCM sucks now

I have ordered a capture card call dark crystal hd capture for my computer.

I installed a zodac 1030 video card that puts out 4k at 60hz and 8k as well excellent picture. This card is for video not for gaming so it is under $100.00. It uses under 30 watts so it is a direct replacement, no need to upgrade the power supply.
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