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Dirty Dancing (1987)
Around the time of Patrick Swayze's death there was a TV broadcast of Dirty Dancing extended with deleted scenes. The timing seemed mercenary, but the extra scenes worked pretty well.

I've never seen that edition re-aired, turn up on the net, or get an official release.
I believe one of the many DVD releases had those scenes as a bonus feature, but never inserted in the film.

Anyone come across either an HDTV rip or fan edit?
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Although I'm not aware of any HDTV rips containing this footage, the 20th Anniversary Limited Keepsake Edition Bluray has ALL of the deleted/alternate/extended scenes in 1080p with very decent bitrates between 12-21mbps depending on scene. The only "downside" is the fact that the audio for those scenes is only in 2.0 AC3 at 192kbps....
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Well, adding those scenes would be a walk in the park... sure, the upmixed 2.0 track to 5.1 could eventually sound strange/bad, but it will be an understandable compromise.
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or it could be cut together with the 2.0 PCM from LD...
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(2018-04-11, 05:17 PM)jerryshadoe Wrote: or it could be cut together with the 2.0 PCM from LD...

Right! Ok

...or both...
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