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Predator 1987 Fullscreen Laserdisc
Hello everyone, I'm new one but from some times I love read and watch works from people who can't tolerate bad colors on our lovely movies.

I can't watch new version on BD my favorite movies like Aliens or Blade Runner , I hate teal Smile I'm big DVD collector:


But some time ago I discover versions of some my movies in fullscreen in Laserdisc, it is only LDRip but T2 Special Edition is one of best feelings when I watched (h264, 4 gb). But I wanna ask, if someone can help and rip laserdisc PAL of Predator 1987 in fullscreen???


Soon I write more about my feelings about movies.
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I don't want make new topic, so I think, I will be write here about my feelings about fullscreen movies.

If someone need here is comparison:

T2 Theatrical Russian DVD PAL Fullscreen  vs  T2 Theatrical DVD PAL Widescreen

[Image: 698JiWC.jpg]
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I have that copy of the fullscreen version. I love how it's got great picture quality for Standard Definition (I think the resolution is 720 X 576), but I hate how the indoor-day color timing has a purple-ish tint to it, the aspect ratio is a little off, and of course, me being American who's used to 29.97 fps, the 24 fps means everything sounds a little higher in pitch to me.
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#Tylerdurden389 I agree, that in a fullscreen colors are a little different, mostly scenes with red color. DVD PAL is 720x576, NTSC 720x480
I know original Aspect Ratio is important but very sad is that, we don't have any chance to see fullscreen on blu ray or normal dvd version.

I check some movies,  who fullscreen version is better. I mean is open matte or full frame, here is a list:

1. Kickboxer 1989 NTSC R1 America - Lions Gate Home Entertainment, but I notice interlaced

2. Beetlejuice 1988 UK PAL

3. Spies Like Us 1985 NTSC - quick comparsion DVD vs BD

[Image: Q5xnAo0.jpg]

4. Funny Farm 1988 NTSC

5. Split Second 1992 NTSC HBO - great s-f movie

6. Nothing But Trouble 1991 NTSC, but qualty is average so I buy for lots of money Smile Valkenvania - german version of Nothing, nice 1.77 widescreen

7. I only find some LDRip of Double Impact who is fullscreen:

[Image: 2f7c698d15b9eb970596f140231dc0fa.png]

DVD UK PAL widescreen

[Image: ac99bd94c951e8ddce00abedad3ae4ea.jpg]

8. Jurassic Park 1993 NTSC fullscreen

9. Quest 1996 - polish DVD fullscreen

10. Predator 1987 NTSC fullscreen

11. Batman 1989 and Batman Returns 1992 NTSC
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Yes the T2 full screen is squeezed a bit, I converted it to 23.976 and adjusted the soundtrack to the right pitch.
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(2020-03-15, 08:58 PM)Stamper Wrote: Yes the T2 full screen is squeezed a bit, I converted it to 23.976 and adjusted the soundtrack to the right pitch.

May I ask how? I plan on fixing my copy as well (both the AR and the pitch).
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You have some tutorials in here. Basically you extract the audio, convert to wav with audacity, slow it down to -4,096 using change speed, then export as AC3 again in a bigger size (use 448 or 640 kbps) to avoid audio damage.

For the video, you need to fix bitstream to 24/0001 using mkv toolnix or other.
Thanks given by: Tylerdurden389
Guys, Like Stamper wrote You can change audio to 23.976 in audacity, You can also use BeSweet to change 25 tp 23.976 but this program change a little tone of the voice to a lower, so after change fps You can in audacity change ton to higher.

But I have other problem how to change NTSC video to PAL.

I make mkv file with vobs, than next in tx muxer ( my tv play m2ts file with vobs, from pendrive ) but if i change in tx muxer frame rate from 23.976 to 25 (sometimes use remove pulldown) always is desynchro of audio. So I think problem is pulldown?

If I convert DVD to avi or h264 - than I have 23.976, I can change to 25 fps. And next add audio with 25fps and is always good synchro.

Any idea how quick and easy change DVD NTSC to PAL
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It's always best to stay away from audio slow downs if it can be avoided by using a proper source.
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Me GUI is a lot easier to use imo
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