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intro, also Aliens and SDDS Sony movie sound restoration??
I signed up to post on a specific project with something to possibly offer and curious what else things are like here...  fan restorations?  Of TV and movie content?  I'm definately interested in this topic. 

Very interested in things like "original music restorations" for TV shows that were cheaply released without the real licensed music and such if that's even available...  the only series i'm a fan of offhand as an example is the 1960's show The Fugitive which had some anonymous restoration done years ago.  I've heard of alot of other especially US shows being released with cheap music replacements and it annoys me (and makes me wonder why bother to buy the DVD at all) such as Northern Exposure...

I'm also aware of alternate audio versions of certain movies existing in the past, like i'm told the 70mm version of "Aliens" was a notably different far punchier mix.  It was only ever released on a certain release of laserdisc version apparently (in full digital quality though I forget if AC3 or DTS) - and i've long since wanted to make a rip of that and combine it with a Bluray video or something.

I would ULTRA love to get my hand on Sony Digital Dynamic Sound full 7 channel "5 in the front" tracks and stick them on specially mastered Blurays too ideally.  I'm a fan of more obscure audio formats and theatre only mixes...  but I wouldn't even know where to start such a project since i'm sure SDDS audio is not going to be something easy to come by... but i'm just thinking out loud.

Have I found the right place for these kind of discussions?  (and are there any other places on the internet people recommend I try to socialize for related content?  Like i'd heard of the Despecialized Star Wars editions but don't know if that's a fan EDIT or a fan RESTORATION type project...)
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