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Inserting Video into a MKV
Ok this is rather specific but let me explain. I found one shot in an old project that needed to be fixed. The original intermediate files are long gone and I’m not going to redo the whole thing for one shot since that would take months.

I would like to avoid converting the project to avi again, fixing the shot and converting again to h264 as that would just add another level of compression.

Ideally I would like to redo the shot (just video) and insert it into the existing MKV without re-encoding. I know mkvmerge will allow you some latitude but not sure it will work in this case?

Any ideas guys? And thanks.
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I found VideoReDo TVSuite to do nice job in that situation. Get the latest version, older ones don't work with h264. It re-encodes just the frames "at the seams" so to speak, the rest is copied lossless. Remux your original .mkv to .ts with tsMuxer, then you can cut it with VideoReDo TVSuite into multiple segments and rearrange them or insert new segments, given they're same resolution, codec and bitrate. Export final to .ts container, it worked fastest that way for me, later you can remux it back into mkv.

edit: actually no need to remux to .ts, it does open .mkv and saves to .mkv directly.
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Ah forgot all about Videoredo, Thanks Plissken1138!
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I *think* tsmuxer can join files without re-encoding (or just re-encode the "seams"... so, cut the video in three (before, shot needed to be fixed, after) and join them. It could, or not could, work, though! Big Grin
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If VideoRedo won't do the job for ya, try TMPGEnc Smart Renderer, I've used that one successfully to combine two different Blu Ray sources. It does the same thing, only reencoding at the cuts.
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Thanks also Tom!
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