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'Visiting Criterion Collection' Video/Interview
An interesting interview with Criterion's Technical Director Lee Kline talking about how they approach restorations etc., can't help but read it as a defense of some of their previous 'tealed' releases.

Visiting Criterion Collection
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Yeah I asked questions in the HTF interview about overzealous audio cleanups and got brushed over. The video part has the "we don't make it teal" argument which they then show a new master being worked on.
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In the case of the film in the video, I can believe that it had the teal-and-orange look originally.  But I don't accept that it was as common as we've seen since the advent of HD.  We've seen films in which the teal has been toned down or removed in later home-video releases.  Here's an example from Star Trek II.  It's a good example because both discs were sourced from 4k scans, and it's BD-vs-BD, so arguments predicated on assertions about the limitations of a given format cannot easily be made.
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