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[versions] Star Wars saga in UHD
I wonder which titles are available in UHD - including Rogue One and Solo.

Sure about 4K77, 4K80 and 4K83 (released yet?), EP VIII and Solo. 

Still, I could vaguely remember EPs I, II, III, and Rogue One, but most probably they were only upscales.
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4K77, yes.
4K80, in progress and not expected before about 2 years.
4K83, yes.

VII, nope.
VIII, yes.

Rogue, nope.
Solo, yes.

Prequels, nope.

The "nope" ones would be fanmade Blu-ray upscales.
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Given that the prequels were shot in 1080p, we'd need a miracle to make them UHD.
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(2019-02-11, 01:19 PM)FrankT Wrote: Given that the prequels were shot in 1080p, we'd need a miracle to make them UHD.

So many UHD releases are made out of 2K DI anyway that the prequels will be released in UHD eventually, with HDR, Dolby Vision, Atmos, etc.
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Episode II at least was shot on this camera: https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/6...HDCAM.html

See: https://www.imdb.com/title/tt0121765/tec...tt_ql_dt_6

So at best we'll get an upscale, it was literally shot in HD. But HDR could be a good thing of course.
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TPM was shot with a combination of, "35mm Arriflex 435E's and Arriflex 535B's (plus a digital Sony HDC-750 for good measure.)"

How George Lucas pioneered the use of Digital Video in feature films with the Sony HDW F900
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There are plans for a prequel trilogy 35mm 4K scan.
The Phantom Menace was shot on film, so that should look better than the following two.
And yes, as someone else pointed out, a 2K DI does not block them from an eventual UHD release. The extra breathing room, and expanded colour range is what will allow it to shine.
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Academy full frame 2K is 2048x1556 is a lot higher resolution than 1080P, so it depends what type of 2K movies were shot on as to how much resolution is available for a good upscale.
Donations welcome: paypal.me/poit

Help get The Original Trilogy preserved!
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The camera used for Episode II at least has a sensor array that delivers precisely 1920x1080 pixels, according to the specs anyway.

But maybe the master was higher resolution, since I hear they used a lot of greenscreen and stuff like that, who knows.
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From https://www.redsharknews.com/technology/...y-hdw-f900

Quote:The F900, unlike other digital cameras at that time, shot footage at 24P in HD ...

It was a 2/3 3-CCD EFP camera, which captured 3:1 compressed 1440 x 1080 component video, recording onto Sony SR Cards. Recording was achieved at a 1.78:1 (16:9) aspect ratio and would be cropped, altered and shoved around a 2.35:1 final release widescreen ratio.
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