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[Released] The Terminator (1984) XTD
Hey guys,

So here's a reconstruction of The Terminator extended version. I will call it The Terminator XTD.

[Image: Terminator-Cassidy.jpg]

As you may all remember, ADM aka A Digital Man paved the way over 14 years ago with his extended edition of The Terminator.

Looking back on it however, this version left of lot to be desired technically and artistically: 4:3 deleted scenes were incorporated into the 2001 16/9 DVD master, which has a completely different mastered look, with the film playing in the horrendous 5.1 remix, and the mono sounds of the deleted scenes remixed roughly to 5.1 on one track (the complete release had the mono track tough).

Also ADM crammed all the deleted scenes and snippets in his cut, with total disregard to actual placements and movie editing 101, (and to the screenplay), resulting in scenes disruptions. New inserted scenes in that release during the Tech Noir sequence for example, cut songs in the middle, then resume them later, and the Fuck You Asshole scene is cut in half, which doesn't play well and was never intended that way by the filmmaker.

The biggest deleted scene, Sarah Fight Back, is not inserted as it's proper place, which is confirmed by the shooting script I checked online.

He also inserted a deleted scene that was reshot for the final film, and played it right after the reshot scene, which is not making any sense: Sarah punching her work card, is a replacement of the locker room deleted scene (you can tell because Sarah backpack's belt does not match the one she's wearing prior, nor her jacket, just look closely, I realised this while doing the edit) also the information of her name on the tag is repeated twice if you put both scenes one after another.

All in all a great concept, lacking a bit in execution. So I thought an update might be cool to do as a quick project to try my hand in here.

Two versions are produced:

V1: COMING SOON REMASTERED Is 480p, based on the Image DVD from 1997 master, and incorporates the most scenes possible. For artistic reasons, I chose not to add every deleted snippet, when they didn't fit or were part of larger scenes that were never shot. I added instead most of the deleted scenes, in the places where they make the most sense seamlessy, and in one case like the punching card scene, I removed that scene to put the original deleted scene in the place it had initially. So essentially it's now playing like a nice workprint, with no jump in image quality.

V2- AVAILABLE NOW Is 720p completely remastered using the WEBDL Open Matte. I deleted in that version all the scenes that were in bad shape to make your viewing seamless. This version just add stuff that is enhancing the story. and delete moments that don't bring a new dimension to the plot.

So the two main arcs added to the story are now Traxler arc (two scenes), and the blowing up cyberdyne arc (two scenes) making for the best extended version to be played without noticeable shift in quality as the added scenes are the best ones quality wise.
It should play seamlessly on your setup with no noticeable drop in quality.

Original running time is 1h47mn18
New running time is 1h51mn55s
Added 4mn37s

Scenes added:

- Lt. Traxler's Arc (except the car scenes): a bit where Traxler is considering that Reese may be telling the truth + Traxler’s admonition to Reese to protect Sarah before dying
- Sarah Fights Back: Sarah deciding to destroy Cyberdyne & Reese’s breakdown (long, excellent scene)
- The Factory (except the two guys talking scene): no chip being discovered … but you get to see that the factory was Cyberdyne. The two guys scene doesn't work and you don't see them in T2, so it really belong in the deleted scenes section only.


- Wholesome Sarah: Sarah’s “I’m so wholesome I could puke” conversation in front of the mirror before starting work.
- Wrong Sarah: T-800 leaving the scene of the first termination as kids and women go scrambling around.
- Making Bombs: Sarah planning on all the great things Kyle will see and do after they change the future
- Tickling Reese: A little post-coital intimacy between Sarah & Kyle

PM for link. Regulars only.

Special thanks to Mr. Brown & Beber for their help and imput.
Original cover art by Cassidy




720p High-Definition
widescreen 1.78:1 aspect ratio (opened up)
framerate 23.976fps
H264 encoded


DTS 2.1: English (from Image Ent. DVD) half bitrate.

Subtitles: None.


- Sound Mastered from the original Image Ent. DVD
- Image Mastered from the open matte HDTV release.
- Deleted scenes Image Mastered from the Blu-ray bonuses.
- Deleted scenes Sound Mastered from the R1 DVD bonuses

Release date: 2019-02-22
That sounds interesting. I'd like to see that, and if I like what I see, I could even take the time to make English and French subtitles for it.
Thanks given by: Stamper
Thanks could be cool. I'm just thinking that maybe the Traxler wondering scene shouldn't be as placed here (as it's placed in the deleted scenes section, segued from Kyle Reese interrogation), but right after Traxler put Sarah to sleep as in the screenplay. I suspect it originaly was in that second place, and they segued it with the Reese interrogation on the deleted scenes so that we understand whom they are talking about.
If it works that way, I'll upload a V2 soon. I'm trying to improve the picture to make it 1080p this time by going back to the DVD and re-encoding it.
I also need to work on the Ellison credit removal but make it blend better.
Thanks given by:
Are the extended scenes upscaled to 720p, right?
Thanks given by:
Yes, they are high quality so they blend really well. I think I may push it up to 1080p but they will need some added sharpness and other tricks.

It's cool that V1 is 720p, I'm now re-encoding the DVD to get better results for the whole feature.

It will be nice we can all own on BD-25 a copy of The Terminator XTD where the movie play seamlessy as a different cut.

We know this will never happen in real life (unless they do a Waterworld on us).
Thanks given by:
I adore the extended scenes, I'm surprised nobody ever done this before! Thanks Stamper
AKA thxita on OriginalTrilogy
I preserve movies as they first appeared in Italy.
Thanks given by:
My pleasure. Do you think also the Traxler wondering scene probably occurs after he put Sarah to sleep? The more I think about it, the more it makes sense.

Let me know when you check it. The scenes plays OK after the Reese interrogation too, but it's clear it's originaly set after he put her to sleep.
Thanks given by:
Going by memory yeah, it makes more sense after she's been invited to rest on the couch, that's when Traxler has more free time to re-think about the whole thing but I'll check it very soon!
AKA thxita on OriginalTrilogy
I preserve movies as they first appeared in Italy.
Thanks given by:
(2019-02-23, 01:12 PM)Stamper Wrote: Yes, they are high quality so they blend really well. I think I may push it up to 1080p but they will need some added sharpness and other tricks.

Are you working with Instant 4K developed by Red Giant or Neat Video?

(2019-02-23, 01:12 PM)Stamper Wrote: It will be nice we can all own on BD-25 a copy of The Terminator XTD where the movie play seamlessy as a different cut.

I'm wondering, what it means XTD exactly?
Thanks given by:

I have both of those but didn't use them yet. Are they superior to Nuke?
Thanks given by: DeafYakuza

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