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random thoughts about movie restorations
Yes, I know that is the "Everything else..." subforum - I built this forum, after all - yet, I don't see any other places to put it, so...

Today I noted a comment on one of my ancient thread on OT, that starts with "I know this is a 7 year old post"... wow! So much time since I was involved in this fan restoration world, still it seems yesterday I released my first project (actually, more than 6 years ago...). But, at the same time, it seems forever.

I must admit movie restoration is not only a simple hobby, is a way of life - kinda - I'm sure someone here think the same.

It is good to see old friends still here, sad to see some are offline since a long time; also it's rewarding to see new members starting to interact in this forum with great passion - they are not many, and it was expected; but they are more than I thought, so I'm happy!

End of thoughts for today... feel free to post your own!
Thanks given by: bronan , Stamper
Thanks given by: spoRv , bronan

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