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Random thoughts about optical disc cases & covers
So, yesterday I got about 300 DVD cases as a gift!
Not that I needed them, but the previous owner said "take them, or I'll throw them away..." and hence I can't refuse!

Nice fact is, there were quite some different kinds of them - many only or two specimen: single "amaray", double, with DVD symbol and without, full, slim, super slim, extra slim, black, transparent, semi-transparent, matte, glossy; one dark grey (can't remember to have seen one before), one red and one super jewel box; among them, around twenty different kind of hubs!

What to do with them? Well, as it's always better to store burned disc in single (double) cases instead inside of plastic bags, I think I'll use them to store some projects burned onto DVD and Blu-ray.

Why on Blu-ray? Isn't "better" to put them on proper Blu-ray cases? You know, I thought the same until today - when I spent quite some time dividing them... why must BD be stored in BD cases? Sure, pressed ones come with that kind of cases, but why can't I do something different? At the end, DVD cover is 26% bigger than BD one - so, it's more "important" in a way; and for sure a project burned on a BD and stored inside a DVD case would appear, if not better, at least different!

List of DVD cases from the most favourite:
  • colored - I'm a sucker for them, maybe because they are quite scarce!
    • violet - are there any?
    • yellow - also, any out there?
    • green
    • red
    • white
  • black glossy - so elegant
  • semi-transparent matte - sadly all of them with DVD logo... good for DVD projects, though!
I don't like a lot the classic black matte ones - they are so anonymous; what I can't stand are the slim/superslim/extraslim; they feel so cheap!

The only rule I gave myself, is to use NOT a DVD cover with a DVD logo for BD disc!

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