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The Godfather: The Complete Saga
This is a rather unusual thread. The first time I saw the UNCUT version of the Godfather I immediately fell in love with it. My purpose, opening this thread, is to see if it is possible, all together, to recreate the best possible version of "the Godfather" saga with a lenght of 9 hours and 44 minutes. Maybe an OPEN-MATTE version.

I have:

- the VHS version (found on the net) of 9 Hours and 44 Min.,
- the uncensored version of A Novel for Television (720p - 7 Hours and 3 Minutes),
- the complete german version of the Godfather (720p - 9 Hrs 44 Min.): here was added at the end the Godfather: Part 3.

I'm searching for the italian version aired years ago on Paramount Channel (with maybe the new italian track).

I want to upscale the VHS Version and try to delete the hardcoded subs and recreate the original colours of the VHS 'cause I don't like the magenta dyeing.

Here you can see some screenshots comparing VHS to 720p.

[Image: VHS-2-RIP.png]

[Image: The-Godfather-A-Novel-for-Television-2-RIP.jpg]

[Image: VHS-RIP.png]

[Image: The-Godfather-A-Novel-for-Television-RIP.jpg]

Ah, sorry for my english. For me it would be better italian. Smile
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Didn't somebody already create something like this? I believe I saw something somewhere, splicing together scenes from all kinds of sources, ending up with a DVD format. I think he said he chose not to do HD because the quality differences would be too apparent.
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I've already created this. Just used the HBO version and added Part III using a VHS rip of the Trilogy as a guide for the transition. It's up as "The Godfather: The Complete Epic HD (1901-1980) (v2.0)" on myspleen. My version is based on the widescreen, however.
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Hi guys, I've decided with a friend to create an ultimate chronological saga of this masterpiece. It will include every single footage from different HD sources. What we'll do is as it follows:

- Removing from italian extended scenes the hardcoded subtitles (frame by frame or overlaying two different sources);
- Removing the logo (from the source that we'll use - frame by frame or overlaying two different sources);
- Restoring the original Audio Track from the Laserdisc Trilogy 1901-1980;
- Adding (if possible) the following audio tracks (from VHS) [All extended]: Italian 2.0, Spanish 2.0, French 2.0, German 2.0 and English (from LD);
- Regrading (maybe) some scenes: e.g. Vito as child in Sicily;
- Creating complete subs for the full movie in all possible languages;
- Deleting (maybe) the harcoded text (as opening titles (e.g. in Godfather Part II) and end credits) and replacing them as subtitles.

Our purpose is to create the titles as subs. In this case every language will have a different title: The Godfather, Der Pate, Il Padrino, Le Parrain, El Padrino, ecc.

Now we need your help: we're searching for two different files of The Godfather Saga:
1. DF021: The Godfather Saga (1080i AMC + Bonus)
2. The.Godfather.Saga.1080i.HDTV.DD5.1.MPEG2-NTb

These projects are only available on usenet on drunkenslug. If someone has it or can help us somehow, please send a PM. I tried to PM digitalfreak in another forum, but without answer.

Please let me know what you think about this.
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