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UHD Playback.
Hi Fan Ress

Ive left the Thread title pretty vague to open up the discussion as wide as possible.

The idea is to recommend setups for UHD playback on various Budgets and Equipment.

Ill start with my situation as it would be the start of an upgrade path.....

Ive currently not got a HDR compatable TV.
I'm also still in the 1080p relm with a fairly standard budget LG screen and 720p projector.

I'm currently on the look out for more budget orientated native 10bit panel in the 65 inch range, but Im being patient Smile

Ive been watching rips using MPC and MADVR (latest Version) and I'm happy with the results, the added information (Resolution and Colour) even downscaled look better than my Bluray counterpart in many cases so Id like to get a more legit setup so I can start playing UHD discs.

Ive looked at getting a UHD drive for my PC but don't have the appropriate Intel processor that PowerDVD requires, and I'm also unsure about the HDR to SDR tonemapping in this environment.

That had me looking at The Sony UBPX700 or an Xbox One S which again I'm unable to dig up much information on is conversion quality (although the Sony Player is supposed to do a good job).

What do people here recommend and what are your setups?
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SAVED for Recommendations
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When it comes to UHD players I believe some are better than others at tone mapping down to SDR.

Bronan's thread has good info about ripping UHDs with MakeMKV and inexpensive BD drives.
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Go Panasonic I would say, I love mine
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