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Good Day
I wouldn't call myself a veteran of movies but I've seen more than a couple. I like a variety of film of varying age. I guess I've seen a whole lot of 70's and 80's movies more than anything else. I actually don't watch as many movies as I used to, what with having adult responsibilities I use my spare time for things like Skating and Video Games more than movies. I still like to relax with a good film while I eat dinner and unwind.

Anyway, I'm mostly posting because I figure it may unlock a restriction so I can PM someone for a movie cut that I would like to get. I'm unsure if I'll stick around but just know I appreciate those of you who also have a love for movies, and especially restoration to it's original release. I've watched those, now quite famous, De-specialized versions of Star Wars IV, V, and V. I do think that, nostalgia aside, the historical and artistic importance of having a film in it's original theatrical release is a very important and worthwhile endeavor and I applaud all of those here working toward that. You have my utmost respect and I am humbled by the dedication and I feel as though the work being done here shows one to have a true and pure love for film which also commands great respect from me.

Anyway, sorry for my long winded introduction. Nice to meet you all and have a lovely day.
Thanks given by: dwalkerdon

Just post a bit, and you'll be able to send PMs.
Thanks given by: vunjak
[Image: ivwz24G.jpg]
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