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(Humour) Are Hollywood people aliens?
(This is just a joke, don't take it seriously.)

As many of you know, Blu Rays often come out with a strong green tint. I was thinking about why this could be.

My first assumption - I'm sure you all agree - is that that no sane human would think that it looks good.

Hence they must either be insane or not human. Since they are capable of producing good quality work, I am assuming they are sane. They only logical conclusion is that they are not human.

Now, I was already certain at this point, but I wanted to find proof or at least more convincing hints. So I thought about possible explanations.

Well, I found one.

Here's a picture of the electromagnetic spectrum including the spectrum visible for humans.

[Image: b4eaddac5823123ca0aa5e6abe24da3d.jpg]

Now, you will notice that green is in the middle of this spectrum. On the borders of the spectrum we have red and blue. Blue and red together make up magenta, and that in turn is the complementary color for green. In other words, adding green to an image is equivalent of taking away magenta and vice versa.

What if the aliens have more pronounced magenta in their vision and thus need more green in an image to perceive it normally and with natural colors?

This made me recall images taken with modified cameras. As most of you know, digital image sensors are typically sensitive beyond the human visible spectrum. That is, they perceive some part of both the infrared and ultraviolet spectrum. Normally these are blocked out via both UV and IR filters. 

But these filters can actually be removed from a camera. An image taken with a camera like that comes out looking like this typically:

[Image: DSC-P150-Visible-and-IR.jpg]

I did a quick test adding a strong green filter (in this case amplifying the green channel), and what do you know:

[Image: DSC-P150-Visible-and-IR-more-green.jpg]

While still looking somewhat off, it looks overall more palatable and natural now. With a bit of fine-tuning it might almost look good.

Now, but Tom, you may argue, computer displays don't have any emissions beyond the visible spectrum. 

Well, this one took me a bit of research myself, I admit.

But I finally found a hint:

[Image: 2019-06-02-05-44-10-Applied-Optics-Volum...13-doi.png]

Human vision ranges from about 400 to 700 nm. But displays seem to emit signals beyond this. This could arguably create a magenta-colored tint in the eyes of the aliens, prompting them to overcompensate with green color.

I rest my case.
Thanks given by: Atreyo , bronan
Maybe they come from a distant planet called "Bielefeld"... Big Grin
"Never cut a deal with a dragon..."
- Old Shadowrun wisdom
Thanks given by: Atreyo
(2019-06-02, 06:34 AM)MrBrown Wrote: Maybe they come from a distant planet called "Bielefeld"... Big Grin

A sound theory! Big Grin
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[Image: vYrkGIg_d.webp?maxwidth=640&shape=thumb&fidelity=medium]
They're obviously reptilians. It is known.

[Image: LtbxDyk.jpg]
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