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Bit-perfect LD-capture - What's necessary?
Hello everyone,

a friend of mine has been capturing LDs for quite some time now, but for now he's been using the analogue-out and captures at 48 kHz, 16 bit.
Now we're looking into options to "upgrade" the system for a bit-perfect capture, but we have no idea what we'd need to buy, which software to use, what settings etc.

First of all the LD-player is a Pioneer DVL-909 (the European model), I guess that should be OK. What else do we need now for a bit-perfect capture?

Thanks in advance! Ok
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I have exact same model - I just use Maya U5, SPFID cable and Reaper with ASIO4All set up.
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My setup is similar but I use the ESI U24XL instead of Maya (no Asio4all driver needed). Reaper is absolutely essential though, don't waste your time with other software. It's hard to give exact directions unless we know what hardware you're using. In basics though you need:

- Laserdisc player with optical out
- SPDIF cable from LD player to audio interface
- Correct settings in your audio interface software
- Software to record (Reaper highly suggested)
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Thanks for your answers!
Sounds not too expensive and complicated. Wink

I'll pass on your suggestions for the capturing-device. The ESI seems easier to get here, the Maya can only be imported from Poland via eBay. The ESI is a little more expensive, but we're talking about less than 10,- € here.
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I'm in the US but I imported mine used from the UK for only like $70 USD so be sure to check the second hand markets.
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curious, do US LDs require an US LD player or are they compatible among each other?
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US and JP discs are encoded for NTSC and not PAL, so you'd need a player that can convert. I'm not sure if they ever made those?
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My EU DVL-909 has no problem playing LDs from US, EU and HK.
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@Colek does it convert or just output in a different mode? Bc I think conversion would lead to quality loss almost guaranteedly.
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I think it just outputs in different mode, but I can't tell you for sure now (just don't remember that well).
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