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How to add a flag Surround, EX or ES on a track?
Is there any software to put the flag that has sometimes been forgotten on matrixed tracks ?  (flag for Dolby 2.0 surround, DTS-ES or Dolby EX missing)
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IIRC, there were stand-alone tools to change the DN and DP flags, but I don't recall seeing one for EX/ES.  You could try ffmpeg and see if setting the codec to "copy" and using the metadata option will allow the user to set -dsurex_mode, but I've never done it.

On a sidenote, some amps will allow you to apply the appropriate matrix for decoding the back channel, regardless of the stream's metadata.  If you can't reflag the stream, this might be some consolation.

EDIT:  For the DP flag, try this.
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Thank you for your tips, I will try.
I am looking for a DTS-ES encoder, because I have a CD DTS-ES Theater (french version of Corpse Bride), I decoded it then synced with the Blu-Ray, I'm now looking to re-encode it in DTS-ES matrix (1509kbps) or DTS-HD MA (but I think it's not possible to make DTS-HD MA ES matrix?) , I found DTS encoders, but not DTS-ES encoder. Does FFmpeg exist in GUI version?
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The DTS-HD MA encoder suite should be able to encode a (non-HD) DTS track with the ES flag, but I've never had need to do it. There certainly are GUIs for ffmpeg, but again, I've never used them and can't tell you which one to choose. Sorry I can't be of any more help!
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I succeeded to encode in DTS-HD 6.1 Matrix finally Smile
If someone is interested, I can share my work :
Corpse Bride (Les Noces Funèbres) French DTS-ES Theater - DTS-HD MA 6.1 matrix

For some other tracks, I would like just add the flag, and not re-encode.
Some Blu-Ray have forgotten ES flag
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This tool works for setting the EX flag in an ac3. I've never seen anything that can set the ES flag on DTS.

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