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[Help] Dolby Surround 2.0 Matrixed files Upmix
Hello again Fanres

Once again I need the help of the hive brain Smile

I understand before Discrete 5.1, mixes used to incorporate a surround via a matrix into 2 channel stereo.
Is there any software or method of extracting this information into discrete channel file?
I gather it would be L C R & S with a LFE created by a crossover//cutoff.

Ive spent the last few days scouring the interwebs with no satisfactory results to speak off.

Thanks again for you time peeps Smile
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There are some software methods to do that, you might want to read up on hairy_hen's postings on the OT. He used software decoding with SW's LD's PCM 2.0 to get "discrete" channels in his first 70mm re-creation.

Strangely enough most people including myself, swear more by hardware methods, which it what I did on my Back to the Future upscale and what TomArrow does.
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I use FooBar2000 for this type of conversions.

FreeSurround seems very good; there is also a Dolby Pro Logic II decoder - can't say if it's better, but it does not produce a LFE channel; you could test both and, in the case DPLII decoder is better, you could always extract basses to feed LFE from front channels, or remux the LFE produced by FreeSurround.

Can't say if software is better than hardware; in theory, using the same technique used by any modern hardware decoder, it *should* sound the same. The fact old hardware processors with analog circuitry sound better could be very true.

Sure, software is so easy - drag the file, press convert, wait few seconds (minutes), and it's done... with hardware, you should plug the cables, play the file/physical format, record the 4.0/5.1 output, and it's done in real time (converting a 2 hours movie will take 2 hours...) - but result could be rewarding, I guess - PDB and TomArrow could witness this, I believe.
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Like Sporv said: try foobar and it's ATSurround or FreeSurround pack first. It is a cheap place to start.

But perhaps a hardware vs software test is needed.
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I have the Dolby SDU4 hardware decoder here. This is the older official decoder for studio monitoring use. Can offer you its 4.0 outputs if you like.

Edit: As for software, I only know of freesurround that spoRv mentioned and Minnetonka's SurCode for Dolby Pro Logic II (which seems to be using an "official" software implementation), but they both don't give you the exact output you would get from the proper hardware decoder. For example, they ignore the frequency lowpass on the rear channel, as it was used in those older mixes. They also ignore the rear channel delay afaik.
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Tom, is there a way also to properly re-encode actual 5.1 into DS with hardware, to obtain a perfect stereo/DS version? I'm interested in this.
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(2018-04-16, 08:21 PM)Stamper Wrote: Tom, is there a way also to properly re-encode actual 5.1 into DS with hardware, to obtain a perfect stereo/DS version? I'm interested in this.

You need a Dolby Encoder; I'm sure they accept 4.0 tracks, though.
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Stamper, yes. The Dolby SEU4 is the corresponding hardware encoder to the SDU4 decoder. I don't have it though. And as spoRv says, it only has 4-channel input. If you want 5.1 with discrete channels, you probably have to use the newer versions like Dolby Pro Logic II, which are more advanced and probably can also just as well be done with software (with the Surcode one). Dolby claims they are all compatible, but I am not sure to what extent that is true (not because I doubt it, but because I lack the technical knowledge to understand it).
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There is a Shure HTS-5200 on ebay at $80: https://www.ebay.com/itm/Shure-HTS5200-A...Sw1YFayCDL

even if I'd prefer the 5300, it could be a good second choice... now, if only a fellow American member would like to get it and resend it to me (of course, all shipping cost on me)...
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Thank you everyone Smile

I'm currently trying the Foobar2000 route with Free-surround. It sounds pretty close to what I get from my A/V reciever with PLII selected.
Both ATsurround and the Dolby Pro Logic II wrapper links are down.
How do I export the resulting mix with the DSP effect applied to a 6 channel wav or 6 mono's?
Or do I have to cap it from my computers Line-outs?

On a side note I have a Pioneer AV receiver with multichannel line out.
Would capturing from these with PLII Movie option selected be the same as using the hardware decoders mentioned previously?
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