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Alien D-Theater: Keep or Ditch?
With the 4K release available in stores, which is arguably the best the movie has ever looked, I do wonder if I can safely delete the D-Theater of the Director's Cut. I haven't compared the versions on the 4K and DTH, but maybe someone here did it. If you did, what's your verdict: Keep or Ditch?
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I kept the d-theater out of nostalgia and because the DC scenes on the UHD BD were handled differently from the TC material, so it's possible that the former might come in useful. Overall, the UHD looks better, of course.
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Well it depends. Which has more picture area?
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(2019-12-28, 03:01 PM)FrankT Wrote: Well it depends. Which has more picture area?

Then I would need to ditch a couple of very good remasters of various movies, if this would be the only factor Wink
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Hint: NEVER, EVER, delete something if you are not 101% sure you could find it again in the future!
Read: D-Theater rips - in particular the 1:1 versions - are becoming rarer... unless the master is perfectly the same of BD or others, keep it.
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I would also say keep.

The dtheather transfer is an unique video master. I believe it came from the same transfers as the Quad DVDs but it’s colors, framing and most importantly brightness differs slightly to them and to the eventual BDs. Always been a fan of the release even though it’s the DC.
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