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Colour Correction Issues
Hi All,

I thought I had finished my next project, just proofing it and noticed several artifacts. See below, anyone got any suggestions as to what I can do? You can see them in the lights behind his head and the edges of his shirt, doesn't happen often, mainly where there is bright white. I'm using the default settings in Dr Dre i.e. 10 colour spaces and 0.01 smoothing parameter. 

Tearing my hair out at the moment I've done the whole movie with over 50 different LUTs!


[Image: FAgnAaL.png]

Untouched Blu:

[Image: 7CQZnel.png]

Dre Dre Corrected Blu:

[Image: nZvOJOl.png]
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Ok guess I jumped the gun here. Increasing the colour spaces to 50 and the smoothing to 0.9 produced the image below, much better, now I need to redo the 50 luts I've already created!

[Image: XHf4wy1.png]
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This is sadly sometimes a problem with DrDre's tool. One thing that sometimes works is taking the regraded image, fixing the whites, and then doing a second pass from the to-be-regraded image to the fixed regraded image.

But yeah, 10 color spaces is very little. I typically go minimum 50 on a slow computer and maximum amount on a fast one.

One thing that also increases the likelihood of these artifacts is poor alignment, if the images aren't aligned well. Aka if you just take the same image, but the framing is slightly different and you don't align them properly before DrDre, you're likely to get artifacts like these.
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Thanks Tom, my computer is pretty fast so I'll redo them all at 100, I'll also re-examine the images and check they are aligned as best as they can be. The good news is I kept all the images so it's just a matter of rebuilding the luts.
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