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[Released] Crash (1996) Criterion Preservation
[Image: kQlXnPz.png]

Massive thanks to Zoidberg who captured the special features for this project. As a side note this is one of the best Audio Commentary tracks I have heard so far.
  • BD25 with animated menus that look and behave like the official Criterion discs, with a background video, pop up menus and resume function
  • Video taken from the German Blu Ray
  • Original chapter stops used on the Laserdisc
  • English DTS HD 5.1 & 2.0 from the Geman Blu Ray
  • Criterion audio commentary featuring David Cronenberg taken from Laserdisc
  • English, French, German and Spanish Subtitles
  • US and International Trailers
  • Interview Clips And Behind The Scenes
  • Laserdisc Credits
PM me for the links, contributing/long term members only please. Contributing means active members of the forum who post and/or make their own projects.

High Resolution cover and disc art available from @Pineapples101 Here.

[Image: xdzuWgH.jpg]
[Image: mjZGZrj.jpg]
[Image: OhHemZO.jpg]
[Image: UlzSd7A.jpg]

[Image: Lioae0u.png]
[Image: B0pazJg.png]
[Image: iFtphWT.png]
[Image: jY15Pob.png]
[Image: g46ybyR.png]

Just to clarify this is a project that I have made for myself which I am choosing to share. If you don't like the project, if you think it should have been done differently then feel free to keep that to yourself and consider doing your own project.
Thanks given by: spoRv , ThrowMeTheWhip

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