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domyd's TrueHD Demuxer
Some of you might be interested in this:


Quote:A Dolby TrueHD demuxer and utility tool, with a focus on accurate and correct TrueHD demuxing.

Background info:


Just a heads-up!
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Great tool!

I wonder how it compares to DGdemux which is also said to correctly demux DTHD from seamless branched discs.

edit: nevermind, just saw they specifically refer to DGDemux on the FAQ.
"DGDemux deletes a minor frame at every segment boundary, which is better still, but not perfect yet "
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A version of this tool has been added to UsEac3to, which some might find useful.
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Excellent news!!!

Thanks a lot Chewtobacca!
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I'm doing a project where I need to demux a seamlessly branched TrueHD track. I'm getting quite different results from DGDemux and MLP. Does anyone have an opinion on which tool does the better job?

It seems MLP development has stalled since May 2020 while DGDemux is still active.
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