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How do I losslessly edit TrueHD 5.1?
I'm trying to sync a BD audio track with a DVD. I've only ever edited Dolby Digital mono tracks. In Reaper. But that re-encodes. I know you can do it through MKVToolNix, but I can't find the option and I don't know if it lets you easily compare the two audio sources as you are working. What's the easiest and free way to do it? The BD is missing 8 seconds of frames present in the DVD, so I can't just set a delay.
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If you want to edit the TrueHD track without re-encoding in MKVToolNix, then you'd have to append TrueHD frames at the edit points (split at the edit points in "Output", then append the split parts and frames). You'd also need to load up the tracks in an audio editor to check where the edit needs to be done and to confirm if the edit was successful.

imo it's easier to convert and edit the TrueHD track in WAVS or FLACS. Then encode to DTS-HD MA in DTS HD Encoder Suite if you want the audio to be Blu-ray compliant.
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I'd also recommend going to wav, editing and then encoding back to dts-HD. There is good discussion of how to get into wav format without losing any info using Arcsoft decoder here.

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