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Jurassic Park Trailers from Jap LD
According to LDDB.com all Japanese release of JP on LD have two trailers on them.
If anyone has the LD and can also capture them, I'd appreciate it.

We need the audio for the 35mm trailers Smile

Thanks in advance Big Grin

and before anyone ask/offers: I do have JP Trilogy on DVD. So no need for these trailers.
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I wonder which ones they will be. The "normal" or somewhat well known ones tend to be the normal teaser with the microscope and the long form trailer that's around 3 minutes long.
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I've just recorded both from side 3 of the Japanese release - one which feels a bit more special and mysterious with the microscope and another one more "regular", although not spoiling as much as so common nowadays.

Can provide the PCM audio as well as the recorded video in DVD-Video shape (MPEG-2 in 480i, MP2).
Thanks given by: bendermac
Thanks little endian Smile
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