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Classic Horror Trailers
Hello, most of you probably know Im big fan of old horror films. As a side project for myself Im piecing together a compilation of a bunch of old trailers but I need help with some of them. Keep in mind I'm trying not to rip from YouTube or the internet due to quality purposes.

1. The Invisible Man Returns- This is on the Invisible Man BD which I have however I have no means to rip it. None of my discs drives support BDs and all my capture devices are SD so not much I can do. I did ask another member about this and he said he didnt have the BD but would see if his family does when he visits them for the holidays. Incase he strikes out and anyone has the BD if you could somehow capture/rip the trailer for me that'd be awesome.

2. The Atomic Man- This movie was originally called Man Made Monster. Ive seen the trailer on YouTube in low quality but not sure if its available on a DVD anymore. If anyone knows that'd be great.

2. Revenge of the Creature- This is on the DVD and BD but its windowboxed. Non-windowboxed versions have appeared elsewhere. This is a bit of a stretch but here's how someone might be able to get it. We used to use Xfinity as our cable provider until a few months ago. When I went to the info section for Revenge of the Creature on the Xfinity box and selected the trailer it played the full frame version. But keep in mind it was in 16:9 pillarbox and if I captured it I woulda had it in 4:3 letterboxed with basically the whole trailer window boxed again. But anyways if anyone has Xfinity and an HD capture device and can capture it I'd appreciate it greatly.

3. The Creature Walks Among US- This one I could actually hunt down myself if no one has it but Ill ask anyways. This is for the longer trailer that isnt available on the DVD or BD. I actually have the trailer on a trailer compilation DVD but its a little jittery and jumpy in spots. The trailer is however available on the 2000 VHS. If anyone has that tape and can capture it that'd be great but if not like I said I can hunt this one down if no one has it.

That's all I have for now. If there are anymore Im on the look out for I'll let everyone know but until then if anyone could help that'd be great! Thanks and have a good day! Smile
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Those certainly are some obscure ones!

Hopefully this will start you off - the 4:3 copy of the Revenge of the Creature trailer via Amazon Prime:


I can't help with the Invisible Man since, despite owning that BD, it appears that the UK version drops the trailers. Perhaps someone else will chime in with that one.

Maybe we need a general trailer requests thread? I have quite a collection now, but I often need to do quite a lot of hunting to find things for particular trailer reels. Seems we could all help each other out a bit...
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Thats awesome. Quick question did you screen cap that trailer or rip it somehow?? Only asking because I did find that trailer on Amazon Prime and was trying to screen cap it but I can't seem to do it without the "Rated NR" bar appearing at the top in the beginning.

[Image: vlcsnap-2020-12-25-10h31m25s191-2.png]

Another reason I ask is because the Invisible Man Returns trailer is on Amazon Prime and Ive screen grabbed it a few times but the screen capture program I used isnt really the best. The recorded video looks good but it staggers in a few spots.
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I use Tubedigger to grab trailers from Prime. It does a proper stream capture so the file I sent you is as clean as it gets.

Unfortunately, IMR isn't on Amazon UK (it seems Universal are kind of jerks in general when it comes to that film) so I can't help you myself with that one.

Is this the compilation you already have? It includes Atomic Monster / MMM and both 'Creature' trailers:

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No I’m not familiar with that compilation but now that you’ve shown it to me I might look into that! Wink I’ll also look into using Tubedigger! Also for anyone interested I’ll give you a rough list of ones I’ve compiled so far (it’s still ongoing and I have plenty to dig out).

Dracula (2 versions)
Frankenstein (2 versions)
Murders in the Rue Morgue
The Mummy
Island of Lost Souls
Bride of Frankenstein
Werewolf of London
Dracula’s Daughter
Son of Frankenstein (uncut trailer)
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Tried Tubedigger and was able to rip the ROTC and IMR trailers! Those are good for now and I purchased that DVD cause you never know. I might find other things there worth saving! Wink
Thanks given by: jonno
So figured I’d give a rough outline of where I’m at with this. I’m trying to make this roughly an hour long so there’s gonna be stuff left out. To keep it more condensed I’m focusing mostly on Universal Monsters though a potential part two that could either be an expanded version of this or just a second compilation of different trailers I wouldn’t necessarily rule but anyways.

Dracula- I’m including two for this. One is the original trailer which I’m sourcing from the mpeg file of this video which the uploader was kind enough to provide me with a few years ago.


Second is the more well known Realart trailer which I pulled from the 2014 DVD.

Frankenstein- Also two versions. First is the reissue trailer that’s also from the mpeg video I mentioned. Second the Realart trailer which I’ve pulled from the 1999 DVD.

Murders in the Rue Morgue- Pulled from 2005 Bela Lugosi Collection DVD

The Mummy- Pulled from 1999 DVD as it presents the trailer in full frame. Beginning with the 2004 DVD each subsequent video release of this film has this trailer windowboxed.

Island of Lost Souls- Yes not technically a Universal film but the studio are the current owners of the film and it was included in the Universal Monsters VHS series back in the ‘90s so I’m making an exception. Pulled from 2011 Criterion DVD.

Bride of Frankenstein- Pulled from 1999 DVD.

Werewolf of London- Pulled from 2014 Wolf Man Legacy DVD.

Dracula’s Daughter- Pulled from 2001 DVD

Son of Frankenstein- Unedited trailer. I used the MOV file from this video which the uploader was kind enough to give me a few years ago.


The Invisible Man Returns- Ripped from Amazon Prime using Tubedigger. Included on Invisible Man BD but I’ve no means to rip it.

The Mummy’s Hand- Pulled from 2008 The Mummy DVD. The version of this trailer on the 2004 Mummy Legacy and 2008 Mummy DVDs is in better quality than the version used on the 2001 and 2014 DVDs as well as the 2017 Mummy Legacy BD set.

The Invisible Woman- Pulled from Coming Attractions DVD.

Man Made Monster- Reissue trailer with “The Atomic Monster” title. Pulled from Monsterama Late Nite Creature Feature Show Sci-Fi & Horror Trailers DVD-R.

The Wolf Man- Pulled from 1999 DVD.

The Ghost of Frankenstein- Unedited trailer. Ripped from this YouTube video.


Invisible Agent- Pulled from 2014 Invisible Man Legacy DVD.

The Mummy’s Tomb- Pulled from 2008 The Mummy DVD.

Frankenstein meets the Wolf Man- Pulled from 2001 DVD.

Captive Wild Woman- Pulled from Coming Attractions DVD. The trailer is included on the 2020 Universal Horror Vol 5 BD but I don’t have the release nor the means to rip it.

Phantom of the Opera (1943) - Pulled from 2000 DVD. The version on the Coming Attractions DVD is preceded by a Coming Attractions card. I contemplated splicing this in but decided not to.

Son of Dracula- Pulled from 2001 DVD.
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Hey Jonno (or anyone) do you happen to have the trailer for Abbott and Costello meet Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde thats in this video??? It's on the Monsterama DVD but part of the intro is clipped, its on the Abbott and Costello in the Movies DVD but the GoodTimes initials are in the bottom right corner. I've considered using the version in this video to replace the intro but the framing is different and its kinda dark.

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Nothing in my collection, I'm afraid - the only one I can currently find is the ~1 min version on Amazon Prime.
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Ahh ok thanks anyways. I do have two other trailer DVDs coming that should hopefully be here by next week. I’ll check those and if all else fails I’ll just splice the beginning part from that YT video.
Thanks given by: jonno

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