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[Help] The Goonies (1985) TV Cut
Has anyone got another VHS recording of the TV cut? Specifically the shop scene as the recording I’ve got at the moment is terrible quality and is blown out. The excellent Ridgeshark was helping me upscale it with the same process he did for his own Jaws edit and my current copy isn't the best. If anyone has a different recording, let me know. 

[Image: Ozq5EhV.png]
[Image: LZzGjm5.png]
[Image: Q4hg3mY.png]
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Don't know if it's the TV cut, but it's a TV recording, so there is a (small) chance it could be...
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Is the scene available on the Blu-ray as a deleted scene? I forgot whether or not it has it, along the octopus scene.
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All the TV scenes are on the DVD/BR, but there's a section missing at the end of the first shop scene, which is exclusive to the TV Cut from sometime in the 80s/90s. I've tried to piece it back together here

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