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Looks like Coppola's been busy with his own restoration -

Thanks given by: Valeyard
Cool. A fanedit directly from the director. I wanna see that.
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Thanks given by: LucasGodzilla
Not sure I like the clean look of the trailer. Looks pretty scrubbed clean, hope it's just the Youtube bitrate and not excessive DNR. Definitely far removed from the look of the old theatrical trailer. Has a good feel though, editing wise. Doesn't tell us much about the changes, but how could it. Looking forward to seeing the new cut.
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@TomArrow I sure someone could add some grain if it's needed. Wink
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Youtube trailers are always grainless, I wouldn't worry.
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When I heard about this I thought it was essentially The Godfather Part IV. This late in the game, I know...
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I remember when I was working at Panasonic years ago and we did the DVDs for the box set. I saw all the extra footage that was added and thought man if this was in order....wish came true (years later) And one idiot took home a rejected disc (print problem) them in like the next 24 hours we were invaded by the FBI. We almost lost our contract with Paramount and TONS of new security measures got started
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Wow I completely missed that this was released. Time to watch.
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Just finished watching this. It's been too long since I've seen the original, but I still like the movie. The ending is as powerful as I remember it, if not more.
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