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Braddock: Missing in Action III (1988) - Remastered Trailer
Today I've finished the restoring for MIA3 Big Grin

It's not a particular great movie or trailer. I made it more due to some incapable work from NSM Records from Germany. They added the trailer on their Blu-ray (currently the only BD in the world) and they did a re-edit on their own. Boy did they fail. Scenes that are in the movie aren't used in the trailer, because it's was hard to find the right shots and they did simply not care for frame accurate editing in a lot of shots. The titles weren't re-created either. It's a mess.

So I took the challenge and did it myself. The final result is much much closer to the original trailer, due some scenes not being in the final movie or are a few frames shorter. But overall you wouldn't notice for these shots. I also didn't "fix" the flipped shots from the original trailer. NSM did this and for me personally this isn't correct, since the trailer itself had these errors. Lets just say my version is 99% the original trailer Wink

Anyway... you can view it on my Youtube Channel

And for comparison, check out NSM Records version. Though it's only with German audio. But the trailer itself is the same as the US one

The original english trailer is currently only available on the Region 1 DVD and maybe on VHS
Thanks given by: Hitcher , BDgeek , PDB , alleycat
Congratulations Bendermac! Great work!
Thanks given by:

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