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[Proposal] Alien 40th Anniversary Shorts
It just happen that I have all the Alien 40th Anniversary Shorts in ProRes 4:2:2 HQ - one 1080p, two 1152p, one 1800p and two 2160p - much better than the versions found online at low bitrate.

Is someone interested to get them in a single project, eventually cleaned up (andĀ upscaled when needed to 3840x2160) released as H.264 (or H.265)?
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(2020-11-03, 01:05 AM)FrankT Wrote: ...shorts?

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spoRv, do you have an opinion on the content? Are they all pretty good little films, or do they vary greatly between "great!" and... okay, I'll be nice and not put a low adjective as the filmmakers surely worked hard even on the non-great ones. Smile

Does one stand high above the others?


Of course this would all be your opinion, but interested to hear your quick thoughts as I, also, never heard of these before (and you've obviously watched them all).
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Just PM'd a member about this who is working on revamping the Alien Appendix series
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(2020-11-03, 12:51 PM)WXM Wrote: spoRv, do you have an opinion on the content?

Made by different director, there are difference between style; still, I like them all (some more, some less) but the technical level is quite high, and I think they are a nice way to fill the gap until the next film will be released.
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