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[Proposal] Alien (1979) UAR
Well, even if D-Theater has most of the time a bigger frame than BD, sometimes BD has a tiny slice of image more on top and/or bottom (plus, bigger frame during initial credits); so, I thought to take the "best of both worlds", to get the biggest frame ever available for this masterpiece!


http://screenshotcomparison.com/comparison/126528 (and YES, there is still at least one shot where BD has bigger frame... guess which one?)

Note 1: I never liked BD colors, but, apart personal preferences, there is something wrong also on the blacks, like in some space shots, where stars are gone, and space is greenishly black! Eek (like in the third comparison, first link)

Note 2: don't hold your breath... it will surely be released, but not in this year! Happy
Thanks given by: Stamper
Well the new year is about to arrive so hopefully around the corner, between yourself and Random.next you are both making my wishes come true, hoping you decide to tackle EFNY at some point, still getting to me that off-center to the right on the new 4k.
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I second the request for Escape from New York.
Although I hate to 'request' projects from fellow members here, both you and Random.next's expertise with his plug-in justify my pleading.
If can not think of a better set of 'fan fix' circumstances, that require the use of your methods more than this one Smile

Sorry if it's a little of topic and I'm sure your plans for Alien will be great as always.
Although I'm unsure how much more important information will be retrieved via UAR on the whole, and question if it's worth all the time and effort for minimal gains?
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When it comes to Alien even the slightest gain is worth it, look forward to seeing your hard work, SpoRv. Never been a fan of the Bluray color timing or cropped framing, the D-theater is better but the added resolution of the bluray will take it to the next level.
Thanks given by:
EFNY: I tried, and had no success... maybe random.next (as creator of the plugin himself) could be more of help in this case!

Alien: no much effort, as it was practically there... lucky me that I do not throw away files of finished projects (I mean, almost never), so I just got this idea and BOOM! Made it in few hours! Yet, some refinements are still needed, but not too many. Gains? In comparison to BD, relatively quite a lot - dunno, maybe 10% more? Yes, not too much, but as I always said: "UAR: because every pixel counts!" Happy

P.S. And also because I needed to get some more image for this, after I have in mind to do the same for the following chapters...
Thanks given by: CSchmidlapp
SpoRv, when you say you had no success with EFNY, would it be possible to explain what were the issues encountered.
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I always try the alignment with two pictures, and I have not be able to align them! Sad
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Thanks for your time on it and I look forward to what you do with Alien.
10% is alot more than I expected to tell you the truth.
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Made better calculations, and indeed the max gain is around 5%... that is not 10%, but not bad at all either, considering this is an anamorphic movie!

Think that Alien 3 would be around 1%, more or less... Eek yet, still noticeable!

At the contrary, Aliens would be at least a bit less 4%, while Alien: Resurrection would gain a lot more!

If only I could find out a proper digital fullscreen (read: 1.33:1) version of Aliens!
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Any updates on this, spoRv.
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