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[In progress] Highlander 2 HD Restoration Preview (Work in Progress)
Work on my Highlander 2 HD Restoration has ended up being a bit slower than I'd hoped, with various other things eating into the limited time I have for the project, but I've finally completed enough of it to share this preview. 

Using a combination of various sources, I've reconstructed the whole second reel of Highlander 2 in as high a quality as I can. Most of it is native HD from either the Russian 35mm print or Blu Ray, but sadly a few moments here and there still have to come from DVD. 

The 35mm footage has been restored using mostly manual frame by frame clean up, and a bit of guided automated clean up here and there. The footage from Blu Ray and DVD has been colour matched to the 35mm, and I added a bit of light grain to try and merge the it in a bit better with the 35mm.

I happy with how the clean up has been going, but I still don't think I'm quite there with the colours. For now my plan is to start work on Reel 4 as it needs the least attention so will hopefully be a "quick" job, then probably Reels 5, 3, then 1. Once I've got them all cleaned up I'll concentrate more on getting the colours perfect. 

The ~20 preview video also includes a subtitle track that shows what source is being used for each shot, but I ask that for your first watch just watch it normally, however you usually watch films, and let me know if you think it all fits together. 

I've also included a very short demo video that shows a handful of before and after shots. 

I had hoped I'd be at the stage of showing this off back in February, so I'm obviously really behind where I wanted to be, so I won't make any promises on when I'll be able to give the next update, but rest assured I'm still working on it. 

PM me for a link. 

I hope you enjoy, and please let me know if you have any feedback. 

Program material is recorded on the other side of this disc...
Thanks given by: PDB , nat , LucasGodzilla , interaser , XanaxTheGreat

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