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[In progress] Stargate - Fan Edit Extended Edition Restoration
Hi There,

Been asked to share this here and hope you enjoy the journey. I am not too fast with this stuff and it's a bit of a learning curve.

Basically the main focus of this project is to restore the deleted footage numbering approx 50 shots if not more.
Get the film looking like how it used to look or what it should look like.
Change a few things but nothing major either enhancement or general fan edit but with a view to getting scenes in the correct order of sequence rather than being shuffled up and continuity issues fixed using the deleted scenes restoring shots to their proper locations in the timeline.
Restoring music cues as necessary and adding deleted audio also.

Here is an updated clip of a sequence I have been working on and will give you a good idea about what I am trying to do.


Comparison Clip from current release

Wondering if you remember the old VHS for this film and how it used to look? Hopefully the clip will jog your memory. I am using old documentaries and clips and stills for references.

Any Thoughts / Questions / Suggestions / Ideas / Criticism / Feedback / Help are Welcome 

It's a fan edit with some considerable restoration in mind.
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Great to have your project posted here as well!
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I think there are 2 different officially-released extended cuts of this film and I don't understand how your fan edit will differ (other than color and audio)
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Yeah there is 2 extended cut one shabby thrown or cobbled together.

Then they decided to do a better job on the extended cut but that is also when the whole weird colors really started.

I am going to add the deleted scenes so it will be extended further than the extended cut. A fair amount of extra action and special effects shots. But it requires recuting the film in certain parts that there are deleted footage.

Some matte shots shots will be slightly improved and some replacement shots for some effects but it will be still the same.

Not changing anything about the story it is all the same. But I need to try and save the kids on the spaceship too!

It is a re-assembly if you like. The deleted scenes are really worth adding. Toned down mild censorship cuts and rearrangements undone.

For instance the soldier at the end of the clip I posted gets dragged along the floor with blood on his face. Then get's thrown in front of Ra without blood on his face and smashed in the face. So the scenes are in the wrong order and mildly censored. And the meaning of the scene is also completely lost.
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Got nothing to offer except to say good luck on your project.
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Thank You PDB that is much appreciated.

I had a few reservations about signing up to this site because I might be a bit of a black sheep in so much as I have different ideas about how to restore original intent or music and scene orders so on...

And I don't know if this place really goes for things like this where stuff is changed but also restored.

But I do want to say This is me and I won't change because although I agree with getting things looking like they should or restoring audio I love the editing and I will always choose something that is not in the correct order originally.

This section is one of the only parts I pulled footage in from elsewhere that is not a simple (or difficult) restoration of the deleted material so perhaps it's not the right clip to kick off on as It does not truely reflect my intentions as I probably come off as wanting to revise the film massively which I don't really in any sort of large way but I do want to install the original intent and un-shuffle the timeline to be chronological as best I can.... And so I noticed there is one shot in the wrong place the close up electricity on entrance hall is meant to be just before the ship lands.

But honestly it's about the shot at 1.59 the most and restoring those shots to the film that were never there before as that is what I really like doing and if you never knew it was never in the film until just now then I did alright.
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(2017-08-05, 10:05 PM)Ronster Wrote: I had a few reservations about signing up to this site because I might be a bit of a black sheep in so much as I have different ideas about how to restore original intent or music and scene orders so on...

And I don't know if this place really goes for things like this where stuff is changed but also restored.

These kind of projects are welcome here, don't worry!
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Sounds like there is a lot of editing to do. I hope your plans for it go well and one day we can watch it.
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I hope so too... But I can only do it when I really want to...... I have another project nigh on completion collecting dust and I should probably finish that off first but I need someone to do a good upscale.

And a couple of shots I need help... I don't know it's a tricky one I should finish the project I have nearly complete yes....
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I've only ever seen my theatrical Laserdisc but I have the extended remastered BD. It looks as if many of the old issues were corrected there and the color and black levels are far better. What did they mess up out of curiosity?
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
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