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[Proposal] Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame UAR Versions
Since the IMAX versions were just released on Disney+ it seems fitting to make a UAR version of Infinity War and Endgame to the quality of a BLUEBIRD release.

In Endgame at least, I've observed quite a few shots in the final battle with a decent amount of image added on the right, with a bit more on top and bottom for the open matte compared to IMAX.

I could not do this justice but here's a quick mock-up I made showing how much extra image there is.

[Image: k2yWV5w.png]

[Image: 3rjO1NW.jpg]

Pay extra attention to War Machine's shoulder on the right and the extra image on top and bottom.
Thanks given by: SHM
Yes, I actually pointed this out myself just a few days ago here
you can find some aligned comparisons too at the bottom of my post.
I would be up for it eventually if nobody else will do it by the time I finish my ongoing Wizarding World UAR project
Thanks given by: SHM
It would be pretty amazing to have a UHD UAR with Video and Audio quality from the UHD Bluray, that would be indeed the ULTIMATE EDITION hehe.
Why didnt Disney+ go for full frame IMAX instead of using those thin black bars...
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I'm pretty sure the IMAX-branded Arri 65 cameras used to shoot INFINITY WAR and ENDGAME does not capture a true IMAX ratio image to begin with

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