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[Released] Apocalypse Now DCP 5.1 to UHD
[Image: Apocalypse_Now_poster.jpg]
This is the audio from the DCP synced to the US UHD. It might also sync to the Eagle 4k, if anyone verifies that I'll update the post. Thanks to The Aluminum Falcon for sending over the audio.

As far as the mix goes, it is much closer to the original BD release then the Atmos, DVD, or the "Original Audio Restoration" on the anniversary BD. It does include the correct "...find somebody" line
It is a DTS-HD file, so an offset of -21ms is required for muxing into MKV. Due to seamless branching issues, I recommend ripping the video with MakeMKV and no audio tracks selected for an un-altered video then muxing this and any other tracks with mkvtoolnix.
Thanks given by: sertoli , PDB , The Aluminum Falcon , BDgeek , NeonBible
Is this for the theatrical cut?
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(2021-12-08, 09:47 PM)uVSthem Wrote: Is this for the theatrical cut?

Thanks given by: uVSthem

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