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Gravity (Best of Both Worlds?)
As some may know, Gravity (2013) was released in (pretty amazing) 3D on Blu-ray, but later on was also given an early Dolby Atmos mix on a Diamond Luxe release, minus the 3D.

As far as I know, no one has combined the 3D visuals and the Atmos mix, giving us the best of both worlds in one package. How possible is it to get a release like this made? Would anyone know how to (and wouldn't mind to) do it?

Edit: Also, the Diamond Luxe release included a "Silent Space" audio track that removed all music from the film. I've personally never heard this track, but for completionist sake it would be nice to also have it included.
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Is the 3D disc not in time with the other release? Shouldn't be much more needed then maybe figuring out the delay then muxing.
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This has been done. Made for the single greatest viewing experience in my home theatre.

3Dtorrents.org would be your best bet.
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Was there ever a home IMAX release?
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(2022-02-27, 12:13 PM)Hitcher Wrote: Was there ever a home IMAX release?

There wasn't, at least no official one. An OM might exist somewhere though
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