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Top Gun LD audio
Hi all,

I swear I had seen a post but cannot find anything via search.
Does anyone have the 2.0 and LD 5.1 audio please?
Ideally synced to the 4k or the 3D blu.
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@PDB used them for his open matte.

Top Gun Open Matte (Quick Project)
Thanks given by: dvdmike
No longer available sadly
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I should still have the LD AC-3 synced to PDB's open matte, but it's on my old PC so if you can hang on a bit I'll dig it up and upload it again
Thanks given by: dvdmike
Thanks to all that have helped, hopefully I can find the 3d in 2d again or sync to my 4k (was always terrible at audio syncing)
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maybe someone has the 2.0 and 5.1 mixes from the first R1 DVD and the R1 SE DVD's.
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The LD ac3 is the best one I know of. I assumed the initial dvd ported it but has anyone ever checked it to make sure?
Damn Fool Idealistic Crusader
Thanks given by: dvdmike
If need be I can reup that project. I think the audio tracks were in sync to this and didn’t sync to anything else without a delay. Hard to remember as I put that project together 3 years ago in anticipation for the sequel only now coming out.

I always wanted to add the two dvd’s track if anyone is willing to share. Although I doubt they would beat the ld tracks.
Thanks given by: BDgeek , dvdmike , WDW203
I still have your project I think on a HDD. I also have the early DVD (both the R1 & R2). The audio on them is impressive.
Thanks given by: dvdmike

I'd really appreciate your project as well, if it's possible.

Thanks a lot!
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