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[Request] Screamers (1995) Cinema DTS
From Blu-Ray.com reviewing Scream Factory Blu-Ray of Screamers

Quote:Scream has only supplied a DTS-HD Master Audio 2.0 Stereo mix. According to my research, Screamers did receive a DTS presentation in select theaters as well as Sony Dynamic Digital Sound. This is one sound presentation that deserves a lossless 5.1 mix (at minimum). Scream has encoded the stereo at just 1614 kbps (24-bit). I kept wanting the surrounds to come alive because the f/x produced distinct separation along the fronts and were quite active. When Jack Matthews reviewed the film for the Los Angeles Times he apparently heard it with at least Dolby Digital 5.1, noting that the Screamers' buzz-saws eject "a brain-piercing shriek that will tear the covers off your theater's surround-sound speakers." He also wrote that the sound track has a decibel rating of about 120. The Philadelphia Inquirer's Bonnie Britton advised her readers to see Screamers "in a theater equipped with a good sound system." Unfortunately, this sounds like a missed opportunity for Scream. I also felt that the dialogue sounded too murmured and muffled (perhaps by design) as I had to frequently adjust the volume. Composer Normand Corbeil's score sounds like warmed-up Bill Conti, which is a plus but it isn't that original.

The same stereo mix is also found on my UK Blu-Ray (PCM instead of DTS-HD but still 2.0) while every DVD published before always featured a 5.1 mix for every language. Synching the 5.1 audio track from DVD to Blu-Rays shouldn't be hard but I wonder if any of the cinema DTS discs ever showed up?
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