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[versions] Freddy‘s Dead - The Final Nightmare - JP Laserdisc
Does someone know which cut is on the Japanese Laserdisc of Nightmare 6?
Runtime on LDdb shows 90 minutes and there's no note to say it's been cut or edited.


Hopefully someone here who owns the Japanese pressing can confirm this... 👍😎

[Image: b6daa90e-4956-47f9-9boepi.jpeg]
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Nobody knows about that???
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Why do you think there is a different cut on this LD? AFAIK there is no alternate cut of the movie. Only part 5 has a different cut on LD and maybe part 1. Though I'm not sure if the uncut version of part 1 ever made it on LD.
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By all accounts there is a German LD which has some differently edited scenes compared to the US release:


Maybe the OP is referring to this version and asking if the JPN LD also features this alternate cut
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I see Smile
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I want to know if there is an alternate cut on Japanese LD like the German releases (VHS & LD).

Does the jap. LD contain the same cut like the US releases?
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