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Trying to date film prints
I recently saw a print of Barry Lyndon and wondered what the print date was. My guess was that it was from the 1999/2000 era of prints made around EWS and Kubrick's death.

The info I got was that it was stamped Agfa-Gevaert between sprockets and had blue edges. So I guess it's from sometime in the 90's or so then?
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Kodak has symbols in between sprocket that allow you to id the year the print was made. Maybe Agfa has something similar?
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Agfa didn't use date codes.
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Yeah there are usually no date codes for Agfa. All I know is it’s roughly equivalent to LPP and probably a 90’s print. The blue edges make me think later too but Agfa prints sometimes had blue for optical.

I was just curious if anyone had ever dealt with these and as with anything Kubrick related I try to get as much technical info as possible.

Thought it might be a good thread to have for other people liking to date or figure out where a particular print came from.
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You might have better luck asking on Film-tech, 16mmfilmtalk, or 35mmforum
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