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[Proposal] Romancing the stone (original 2.0 surround)
Years ago, I think someone from bluray.com, had given me an original stereo audio for Romancing the Stone synced to the blu-ray. But I'm not sure of its source. Maybe it's LD.
The Bluray audio is awful. I don't know how to tech talk, but it has its high frequencies cut off and sounds heavily filtered and muffled. You're missing eg. the drums in the music etc.
So, since I haven't contributed here at all (only as a donor), is anyone interested here in it? Shall I upload it?
Please understand though, this is not my own project, and in no way I want to take the credit for it.

edit: Ok, I think I found what it was.
It's up at myspleen, and it's a DVD audio, uploaded by Croweyes1121.
So, if anyone wants me to upload it here, let me know.
Thanks given by:
Bronan was working on syncing the widescreen LD, but not sure if he ever got around to it:
Thanks given by:

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