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Excalibur (1981) - Original Mono Mix from US-LD
Now the 5.1 mix on the Blu-ray is actually quite nice. But the original theatrical
mix however is mono. Luckily some LaserDisc got that audio on them. I specifically
looking for a capture of the digital PCM mono mix from this LaserDisc.

If someone has it and can share it, this would be wonderful. If possible please
supply a videocapture too. It will help syncing it too the Blu-ray.

Thanks in advance Smile
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Bendermac you have been making a lot of requests lately. If no one has this LD, you should buy it yourself to help out. There are plenty of people here who can transfer it for you.
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This is certainly not a free-for-all site when it comes to requesting but not providing any support for projects. I have 1 LD version and 1 DVD version of Excalibur but I'm not just going to jump up and offer it if those requesting aren't looking to do anything more than benefit for themselves. Maybe I'm wrong but that is how I take such numerous requests.

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The mono mix was a 11th hour decision in the first place, as Boorman wasn't happy with the stereo mix. Many posters for the film have a Dolby Stereo credit anyway.

[Image: excalibur_ver2.jpg]
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Guys, don't see these requests as "I want them now, do as I say" sort of thing. They are merely a sort of a awareness call for things to look out, when someone is browsing their collection. I don't ask for anyone to buy a certain release just for my enjoyment. But if someone is willing to get a certain release, because he/she wants it as well, i surely can add a bit of coin to the cause. I also look on eBay every week for possible LaserDisc purchases, that don't break the bank - Goddamn international shipping costs Angry I did buy A Nightmare on Elm Street 1 - 5 there, which wasn't cheap, to get the original mixes (except part 1 -> elite release). Part 5 is even the uncut version. Those will be shared here, if I finally find the time to capture them. I know there is interest for those movies and their original mixes and possibly original colors as references.

I also work on some trailer projects myself, which will soon be shared here as well.

I hope this clears up a few things. It wasn't my intention to show up as a leecher Cry
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You got me excited with the thread heading!  I agree with PDB, but the truth is that the LD PCM would benefit me too.  Big Grin  A while back, I made myself a custom BD in which I synced the video stream from the HD DVD to the BD and muxed in the DTS-HD MA 5.1.  While the BD is sharper, the HD DVD is less cropped, which I find preferable given that both are cropped down from 1.66:1.  Don't get me wrong: there is no good transfer of this film, and the HD DVD has its share of problems – I simply prefer it to the BD.
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Would the stereo from the 1992 remaster be worth it while we're at it?
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A preservation is always good Smile
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(2016-10-16, 10:42 PM)SilverWook Wrote: Would the stereo from the 1992 remaster be worth it while we're at it?

I take it you mean that the audio was remastered in 1992. If so, I don't know anything about that mix. All I know about the film's audio fits with what you posted above: the mix that was originally envisaged turned out to be problematic, and the film had to released in mono.
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Sorry I didn't notice this thread until now, but I already have the PCM from the Japanese NJWL-22018 LD captured (but not synched). Thought I sent it to Doombot but looks like I might not have, will do that soon.

Edit: This LD looks to be in stereo as well, which makes sense given that it's from 1995. Looking on LDDB, the only LDs with the mono seem to only have analog audio.
Thanks given by: Stamper

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