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[Request] La Strada (1954) StudioCanal BD Mono
Moshrom/Blah-ray previously compared Criterion DVD, Optimum DVD, and StudioCanal BD. The SC BD was the winner. https://blah-ray.blogspot.com/2018/03/la...-1954.html

I've just ripped my Criterion BD from the Essential Fellini boxset. Here's its spectrogram matching Moshrom's settings (not level-matched to previous BD/DVD but likely doesn't matter given how obviously filtered it is):
[Image: CqOqO0f.png]

Moshrom's spectrogram of the SC BD:
[Image: 7kp5wcV.png]

Four-way comparison: https://slow.pics/c/2ABxGJwi

As usual, the Criterion BD features additional filtering in both the high and low frequencies.

Does anyone have the SC BD's mono track (preferably with video for an easier sync)? If not, I can grab a used copy and attempt syncing, but it may be a long time before it gets to me.

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Thanks to xwmario, I now have access to the SC BD's audio.

From a cursory comparison of scene cut points against Criterion BD, the two are not frame accurate. By the end of the film, SC has missed ~130 frames. I'll see if anything can be done. This may take a while.
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