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[Request] The Warriors (1979) Theatrical Original Mono
I imported the German Mediabook release a few years ago, which does contain a 2.0 track, but I'm not sure on the source used. I don't believe it is a simpleĀ  mixdown, but I also don't think it's the original track.

I'm looking for the early laderdisc mono, or DVD track if the latter is confirmed to be the original track.
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German has already been confirmed aa a downmix.
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Thank you. Shame. Would be nice to pair this video up with the correct track.

I can't see the inevitable future 4K Blu being the TC.
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Not sure it's a downmix, my guess it's the original mix before being downmixed to mono. IE earlier generation.
FYI many mono mixes basically from 1967/1968 on, were usually mixed in stereo in the studio, then downmixed when exporting the final track.
How can you tell, well just simply, the soundtracks were all stereo when released on vinyl currently.
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Stamper, I assumed you confirmed in this thread that the stereo AU/DE sounded different to the mono in this thread, and took that to mean its some sort of remix/downmix:

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Yes because they went back to the M&E and dialogue tracks. So different levels, EQ etc.
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Either way, not original mono then.
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Original mono is probably only on VHS.
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