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[Released] Targets (1968) dir. Bogdanovich WEB-DL Synced to BFI BD
This might have the most noticeable difference in AQ among the tracks I've synced so far.

The new BFI Blu-ray sounds dreadfully muffled. Funnily enough, after viewing the film, I noticed one of the on-disc extras featured a clip which sounded significantly hissier and clearer!

So I've tracked down these four releases for comparison:
  • 2003 Paramount US DVD
  • R2 DVD, likely 2004 Paramount UK release
  • ~2020 1080p WEB-DL
  • 2023 BFI BD


2023 BFI BD. Clearly low-pass & high-pass filtered and de-hummed.

[Image: duF4kRf.png]

2003 Paramount US DVD. Still sounds muffled despite having some high-frequency information.

[Image: IesNTXW.png]

R2 DVD, likely 2004 Paramount UK release. Slowed down to 23.976 fps. Hissy, yes. Hum, yes. But extraordinarily clear.

[Image: 0AutEnH.png]

~2020 WEB-DL. Practically the same excellent mastering as the R2 DVD, sans the PAL speedup.

[Image: VeNCFGC.png]

Spectrums showing the R2 DVD and WEB-DL stem from the same mastering:

R2 DVD, likely 2004 Paramount UK release. Slowed down to 23.976 fps.

[Image: y5HsS2R.png]

~2020 WEB-DL.

[Image: yxi8Bk4.png]

Input/Output: E-AC-3, 2.0 mono, 224 kbps, 48 kHz

Notes on the sync:
  • Criterion also released a BD featuring the same restoration in 2023. However its PQ is noticeably worse than BFI's, plus FiM encoded the BFI BD. Both are 23.976 fps, so re-syncing to Criterion should be a simple delay adjustment.
  • The WEB-DL and BFI BD are frame accurate save for a delay adjustment, whereas the US DVD and the BFI BD are not. The WEB-DL and BFI BD do not feature the same restoration though (different color grading and blemishes): WEB-DL looks more like the old DVD master.
  • I also compared Bogdanovich's commentary on the BFI BD vs the Paramount US DVD. Spectrograms look the same.

PM me for a link. Enjoy!

(obviously no cover art for the WEB-DL, so here's the BFI cover)
[Image: 279992_large.jpg]
Thanks given by: PDB , onlysleeping23 , M A , stwd4nder2 , xwmario , pauman

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